Book 3, Chapter 128 - Star Shield


The Cold Underworld Sword in Zhao Jiuge’s hands shined brightly. Perhaps this would be intimidating to someone in the same realm as him, but to Bai Xianfeng, it was like an adult watching a child play around.

When Pei Su Su saw Zhao Jiuge charging, she frowned and became worried, but she didn’t step forward to stop him. She knew Zhao Jiuge was no match, being two realms weaker, but she was almost done preparing the Soul Shattering Needle.

The needle was completely red and gave off a dangerous aura, especially when the flashes of red appeared.

Bai Xianfeng’s mouth curved up into a big smile. He looked at Zhao Jiuge charging at him like it was some big joke; he was filled with disdain.

He didn’t even bother putting much power into his sword, he just suppressed the aura Zhao Jiuge gave off.

The two types of sword energy interweaved with each other. Before a deadlock could happen, Zhao Jiuge’s sword energy disappeared like it was never there. The sword energy from Bai Xianfeng continued flying toward Zhao Jiuge.

Bai Xianfeng revealed a sinister smile and felt proud. He had been blocked several times by San Wu and hadn’t been able to injure Zhao Jiuge at all. Now Zhao Jiuge had delivered himself to him, which made Bai Xianfeng feel a burst of joy.

Zhao Jiuge had exhausted most of his spirit force and was almost out of options. Even with his grade-8 spirit core, he couldn’t withstand so many battles. However, he quickly took something out of his storage ring.

Silver light immediately appeared in front of Zhao Jiuge, creating a shield before him. It was the Star Shield that his third brother, Wu Tianshan, had given him when he became Jian Wuxian’s disciple. He had the Sanskrit Divine Body and hadn’t reached the Nascent Soul Realm yet, so the Star Shield was mostly useless to him.

The surface of the shield was covered in protruding points that looked like countless stars. While it hadn’t been refined by purple origin fire, it was still a low-quality spirit treasure, and its aura was strong.

After taking out the Star Shield, Zhao Jiuge didn’t hesitate to push what little spirit force he had into the shield. With the injection of spirit force, the dim Star Shield suddenly shined brightly.

At this moment, Bai Xianfeng’s sword energy crashed down on Zhao Jiuge like the raging waves of the sea.

The last bit of purple origin fire in Pei Su Su’s hand extinguished, and the cyan spirit force wrapped around the Soul Shattering Needle. At this moment, the needle’s refining was completed!

The moment Pei Su Su finished refining the needle, she was able to look at Zhao Jiuge, but the situation was not good. Even if she could launch the attack now, it was too late because Bai Xianfeng’s attack was about to collide with Zhao Jiuge!

San Wu could only smile bitterly and watch Zhao Jiuge face the danger. He could not do anything in time, and it was Zhao Jiuge who rushed out. Even if Zhao Jiuge were not far away, it would still take time.

The faint sound of wind breaking echoed through the sky, along with a faint hint of red. Pei Su Su’s eyes were filled with killing intent—she would not go easy on anyone who dared to bully the blockhead. Even though it was too late to block the blow for Zhao Jiuge, it didn't prevent her from using the Soul Shattering Needle.

The small needle quickly flew through the sky, invisible to the eye. One could only rely on the faint, red glow the needle gave off to detect something flashing by.

Others might not be able to feel it, but the Soul Formation Realm Bai Xianfeng suddenly felt like he was facing a powerful enemy. He felt a sense of danger stronger than anything he had ever faced, and all the pores on his body opened up. When he noticed the red light, he knew that he was in danger.

The more powerful the cultivator, the more sensitive one was to danger. Before, no matter what Pei Su Su and San Wu did, he didn't take them seriously. Although the gap was only one realm, the difference in strength was not something people below the Soul Formation Realm could understand.

Bai Xianfeng didn’t know what it was, but he could tell that it was dangerous, considering Pei Su Su had spent so much time preparing it. He originally wanted to launch another attack at Zhao Jiuge, but he decided to stop. While he wanted to kill Zhao Jiuge now, his own life was more important. He knew that it wouldn't be so easy to kill the Chief Head Disciple of a holy land, but he still felt reluctant. However, he was helpless as the red light had arrived before him.


The attack collided with the Star Shield, and the light from the shield immediately became dim. There were no fluctuations from the shield anymore—it was clear that it had suffered some damage!

Zhao Jiuge was knocked back several meters by the impact, and he immediately grabbed the shield as he flew back. Most of the attack had been blocked by the shield, and while he had been injured a bit, it was only from the impact.

A long skidmark was created on the ground from Zhao Jiuge being knocked back. His arms felt numb and the right hand holding the shield had no strength. The meridians in his right arm were injured from the impact, so he wouldn’t be able to use spirit force there for now. However, since Pei Su Su had made her move, he wouldn’t have to do anything else. San Wu arrived beside Zhao Jiuge to protect him, checking his injuries.

When he saw that Zhao Jiuge hadn’t suffered any major injuries, San Wu let out a breath of relief. It was fortunate that Zhao Jiuge didn’t have any serious injuries, or else he would have blamed himself.

San Wu took out a pill the size of a dragon’s eye that gave off a purplish-red light and gave it to Zhao Jiuge to swallow.

This pill was extraordinary and would be extremely valuable on the market. It was something only San Wu’s sect could produce.

The moment the purplish-red pill entered Zhao Jiuge’s mouth, it immediately melted. Although he was injured, he still understood the situation. He felt a burst of warmth hit his stomach, and his right arm felt a lot better.

Seeing that Zhao Jiuge was fine, San Wu stood there holding him. He knew that Pei Su Su had the situation under control, so he didn’t make a move to help her.

The faint sound continued to echo as the thin, red needle flew through the sky.

Bai Xianfeng couldn’t help but become anxious when he only managed to injure Zhao Jiuge after attacking three times. Yet he was helpless, and this was a feeling he hadn’t felt in many years since he reached the Soul Formation Realm.

However, no matter how anxious he was, he didn’t have time to launch another killing move. The Soul Shattering Needle was ready to hit his head.

Bai Xianfeng stopped regarding Zhao Jiuge now, and his expression became serious. He was very experienced in combat and yet he felt like he had been caught off guard. The closer the Soul Shattering Needle got, the more danger he felt.

As a Soul Formation Realm cultivator, he had never considered the three of them a threat. However, after this move from Pei Su Su, he didn’t dare to look down on them anymore. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but think of his own son, Bai Zimo.

While his son was young and had good cultivation, he was lacking compared to the real geniuses. He also knew that his son only had this cultivation because of the support of the Bai family. He didn’t have high expectations of his son, and he didn’t want him to be successful; he only hoped his son could live a good life.

However, now that his son’s spirit core had been destroyed, he couldn’t help but feel sorrow. This grief was turned into strength, and now he saw the needle closing in on him. He focused himself and prepared to deal with this mysterious needle that gave him a sense of dread.