Chapter 4927: Your Good Days Have Come to An End

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Chapter 4927: Your Good Days Have Come to An End

“Y-you’re from the Holy Light Galaxy?”

Daoist Zhang assessed Shengguang Baimei and the others sharply. He couldn’t recognize any of them.

Shengguang Baimei ignored Daoist Zhang and slightly raised his arm.


The next moment, all juniors and elders rose from the ground and floated in mid-air. Shengguang Baimei was levitating them with his oppressive might.

“Mere ants dare to make light of young hero Chu Feng. You must be tired of living!”

Shengguang Baimei shot a look at Lu Qianyi and the other juniors.




A series of dull thuds echoed in the air.

The crowd turned their gazes over, only to lurch in horror.

The robes, shoes, and Cosmos Sacks of the juniors were slowly falling to the ground amidst a rain of blood.

Shengguang Baimei had slaughtered all of the juniors from the Nine Souls Galaxy without a second’s hesitation. Be it man or woman, all of them were massacred in the blink of an eye. Not even the talented Lu Qianyi was an exception.

“Bastard! How dare you kill the juniors of our Nine Souls Galaxy!” the elder from the Nine Souls Sacred Clan roared.

These were all top prodigies from their Nine Souls Galaxy, especially for Lu Qianyi. Even though Lu Qianyi wasn’t a member of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan, the power he was affiliated with was one of its close subordinate powers, so the Nine Souls Sacred Clan had heaped great expectations on him.

Yet, he was killed just like that.

The efforts of the Nine Soul Sacred Clan had gone to waste.

“Who do you think you are? How dare you bark before me?” Shengguang Baimei sneered.

Another dull thud echoed.

Yet another group of people was crushed into bloodied water under the compression of the oppressive might.


The crowd gasped in horror.

Those who were qualified to enter this ancient remnant had weathered many storms. It was no exaggeration to say that all of their hands were stained with the blood of countless.

Yet, they were actually feeling frightened.

The ones who had just been killed were none other than those from the Nine Souls Sacred Clan. The only survivor amongst them was the elder who berated Shengguang Baimei earlier.


The elder’s face turned livid. He was infuriated at what Shengguang Baimei had done, but at the same time, he was feeling intimidated too. He glared at Shengguang Baimei with dilated eyes, but he wasn’t able to muster the courage to utter a single word at all.

“What are you staring at? They are all dead because of you. Your nosiness has landed them in that plight. However, you don’t have to feel too anguished. You’re next.”

Shengguang Baimei raised his arm and waved his hand toward the elder from the Nine Souls Sacred Clan.


A blade manifested out of martial power pierced through the elder’s body, severing him from the waist.


The elder from the Nine Souls Sacred Clan let out a bone-chilling cry. However, he forcefully quickly suppress his pain and turned to Daoist Zhang.

“Daoist Zhang, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get rid of that man!” the elder roared.


The next moment, a spurt of fresh blood gushed out of Daoist Zhang’s dantian. It was Shengguang Baimei’s deed.

Shengguang Baimei was holding onto an Exalted Armament in his hand, and the Exalted Armament had already pierced through Daoist Zhang’s dantian.

“Get rid of me? Are you talking about this trash who barely reached rank eight Martial Exalted level despite relying on unorthodox means? You must be kidding me. Have you ever seen a real rank eight Martial Exalted level cultivator before?”

Shengguang Baimei’s oppressive might gushed forth from his body like a hurricane. It felt like the sky had dimmed before his overwhelming prowess, and the entire world was plunged into chaos.

This was the might of a rank eight Martial Exalted level cultivator.

“The difference is huge.”

Chu Feng could sense the massive gap in strength between Shengguang Baimei and Daoist Zhang even though they were both rank eight Martial Exalted level cultivators. That was also the reason why Daoist Zhang didn’t make a move when Shengguang Baimei massacred the juniors of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan—he was unable to.

“Milords, this is a misunderstanding! I am a person who cherishes talented juniors too. How could I possibly attempt to harm this young friend over here after the outstanding talent he has displayed? I was just kidding with him!” Daoist Zhang exclaimed.

He looked like he was on the verge of bursting into tears.

Seeing how even Daoist Zhang was acting so meekly, the elder from the Nine Souls Sacred Clan didn’t dare to utter a word anymore. The others also shuddered fearfully, not daring to even let out a squeak.

It couldn’t be helped that they were reacting in such a manner. The strongest one amongst them was none other than Daoist Zhang, and if even he wasn’t a match for them at all… what could the rest of them possibly do?

“Don’t worry, I’m also just kidding with you. Tell me where Princess Xiaoxiao is, and I promise that I won’t harm you. Naturally, I expect you to be fully honest with me,” Shengguang Baimei said.

“I-I know where she is! She’s here, she’s here! It’s just that she has already entered the hidden realm!”

Daoist Zhang withstood the pain and retrieved a spherical jade token from his Cosmos Sack. He crushed the jade token and tossed its powdery remains upward. The powdery remains quickly converged to form a spirit formation gate in mid-air.

“Princess Xiaoxiao and Master Yin Ren are in there!” Daoist Zhang exclaimed.

Shengguang Baimei glanced at Daoist Niantian.

“There’s nothing wrong with this spirit formation gate. He probably isn’t lying,” Daoist Niantian replied.


Shengguang Baimei nodded in satisfaction before pulling his sword upward.

Gah! Tzla!

Fresh blood splattered everywhere as Daoist Zhang shrieked in agony. Shengguang Baimei had sliced his body into two!

“Y-you broke your promise!” Daoist Zhang cried in indignance.

“Yes, I did. What are you going to do about it?” Shengguang Baimei replied.

“P-please spare me! I was wrong. I-I’ll repent! I’ll tell you everything you want to know. So, please let me off!”

Daoist Zhang pleaded desperately for his life. He knew that there was no use taking a tough attitude against someone as powerful as Shengguang Baimei. He could only hope that his desperate pleas would soften Shengguang Baimei’s heart.

Shengguang Baimei sneered coldly in response. He turned away from Daoist Zhang to look at the elders from the Nine Souls Sacred Clan.

“He’s already pleading for mercy. Are the rest of you still going to keep on a tough front?”

The crowd immediately snapped out of their daze and hurriedly fell to their knees.

Seeing this, a vicious glint flashed across Shengguang Baimei’s narrowed eyes.

Bam bam bam!

Yet another series of dull thuds echoed, and the elders who had pleaded for their mercy were reduced to piles of bloodied water, reminiscent to their juniors. At this point, the only ones still living were the elder from the Nine Souls Sacred Clan and Daoist Zhang, though their bodies had already been severed into two.

Daoist Zhang shivered fearfully. He could only crouch on the spot, not daring to speak a word at all.

On the other hand, the elder from the Nine Souls Sacred Clan began tearing up. He glared at Shengguang Baimei furiously.

“You… You…”

It was hard to tell whether it was out of sheer anger or trauma, but he wasn’t able to finish his sentence at all.

“What about me? This is simply how our Holy Light Galaxy does things. Don’t worry. I’ll spare your life so that you can spread the word that our Holy Valley has emerged from our seclusion. Your good days have come to an end!” Shengguang Baimei sneered.