Chapter 747 - The Final Battle

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Everyone was unhappy from Wu Xiaotian’s mockery. But it was just as he had said, the roars came from five hundred miles away. The demonic beasts were putting on an act of intimidation from afar to probe them.

The number of demonic beasts also gradually increased in numbers, forming a black line at the far end of the horizon. But the demonic beasts didn’t launch their attacks, even the demonic beasts that would charge at the city occasionally had become quiet.

This was the calm before the storm. It was certain that the next attack would exceed everyone’s expectation. As they waited for the final battle, the cultivators felt their blood boil as more and more geniuses gathered in Swordmire City.

Although there were more geniuses, there wasn't anyone else comparable to the likes of Wu Xiaotian and Qin Yang. Every time a genius arrived, the inns would burst into discussion. Many people were speculating who would shine brightly in this beast tide.

The Draconic Banquet wasn’t far away, so this beast tide was probably the last event for the geniuses to shine. So at this moment, Swordmire City was the center of the Thunder Prefecture’s focus.

When Lin Yun entered the city, he discovered several interesting details. The commoners and cultivators who were only in the Profound Martial Realm had already left. Those that remained were either geniuses from the various forces or from the City Lord Mansion’s army. This made the massive city look empty.

What made Lin Yun feel strange was that Swordmire City’s protective array wasn’t activated. Some people said that the seniors of the city wanted the demonic beasts to attack to provide the geniuses with an opportunity to train. This would explain why the protective array wasn’t activated, but Lin Yun had no way of verifying this rumor.

In an empty courtyard in Swordmire City was an azure-clothed figure practicing his sword technique. Spreading his arms apart, he soared into the sky and stabbed his sword out.

Where do the flowers bloom!

A rose appeared on the tip of his sword as the surrounding space began to fluctuate. The fluctuation was slow, but the power it contained was terrifying

Where do I come from!

Retracting his sword, Lin Yun’s body swayed and disappeared. The only thing that was left behind was a fluctuation.

The endless mountain and lake; the crisping leaves and wind!

When Lin Yun appeared once again, the rose bloomed and boundless sword aura manifested into a dragon that coiled around the mountain. Whenever his sword aura looped, his aura would be increased one fold. When it reached its peak, his sword aura accumulated to a shocking height. But no explosion occured as the violent aura suddenly retracted and dissipated, turning into drifting leaves.

Drifting flowers like dreams, and sorrow like fine rain!

When the leaves were about to land on the ground, Lin Yun’s sword changed once more. This time, it had become dreamy like fine rain.

I come from heaven! The flower blooms in my hand!

A speck of dust shines through the mountain and river!

When Lin Yun landed on the ground, a celestial flower bloomed, unleashing a radiance to every corner of the courtyard. When Lin Yun sheathed his sword, he let out a long breath while his eyes flickered.

After his sword intent reached the quasi-spiritual sword intent, the Dustlight Sword Art became even smoother. In the past, he wouldn’t dare to practice this sword technique because he couldn’t control it at all. Without fail, he would reduce everything within a thousand meters into ashes. The commotion was too great and the entire city would notice him instantly.

Overlord Sword and Dustlight Sword Art were two completely different sword techniques. One was a domineering technique that was extremely lethal, while the other one was elegant like a fine piece of art. Despite it’s seemingly gentle nature, the Dustlight Sword Art’s might was a lot stronger than the Overlord Sword.

This made Lin Yun fall into deep thoughts as both sword techniques had their pros and cons.I wonder what they would be like if I combined them together. Lin Yun startled himself with this thought. However, it only took a second for his eyes to light up as he was tempted to give it a try.

Nothing was impossible. It might have been impossible in the past, but he had already reached the quasi-spiritual sword intent. So it might be possible for him to combine them now.

This attempt was a form of breakthrough and also a form of cultivating sword intent. If he could really combine them, there was no doubt that his sword intent would grow even more. Lin Yun didn’t hesitate and made his decision to begin practicing. He decided to start with the Overlord Sword. In order to not cause a huge commotion, he didn’t even bring out his sword intent and only used a wisp of origin energy.

Overlord Sword!

Solar Slash!

Big Bang!

Lin Yun’s figure flashed as he swung out three swords. Each of his attacks were as powerful as usual, but he had suppressed their might. When he executed Big Bang, suppressing his sword aura made his entire body ache. This was because he was only using a wisp of origin energy. If he used half of his origin energy, then he would’ve blown up by now.

But when he used the fourth sword, his wisp of origin energy compressed into a terrifying fireball that lit up the entire courtyard. This made Lin Yun’s eyes lit up as he stabbed his sword out before his sword ray dissipated, “It’s really possible!”

This time, he had combined the Dustlight Sword Art into his sword. When he stabbed his sword out, his attack created dozens of phenomena in a split second. The rose bloomed, the dragon coiled around the mountain, leaves began to fall…

When he executed the last form of the Dustlight Sword Art, the golden light that covered the ground exploded with his stab. Finished with practicing, Lin Yun sheathed his sword and muttered, “It still needs to be perfected. This is a completely new killing move and it's even more terrifying than the original sword techniques.”

Right at this moment, a crimson figure began to approach after descending the wall surrounding the courtyard. Ji Wuye raised his head with a cold light flashing in his pupils, “It’s really you.”

He had been asking around the past few days to verify his suspicions and it looked like he was right. He could now confirm that the one smiling back then was Lin Yun. Ji Wuye’s eyes flickered as he looked at Lin Yun, “You must have made improvements in your sword techniques, right? I can sense it from ten miles away. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to find you so easily.”

Ji Wuye could sense that Lin Yun’s cultivation was the same as him and that they were both in the greater Yin-Yang stage.

“So what if you found me?” Lin Yun replied.

“I don’t wish to fight you before the Draconic Banquet. Why don’t we compete in this beast tide to see how many quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm demonic beasts we can kill?” Ji Wuye said as he glared at Lin Yun. Before the Draconic Banquet, he wanted to win against Lin Yun just once. This would boost his confidence when they truly fought.

“You will lose,” replied Lin Yun.

“You’re still as arrogant as before. But don’t be too conceited.” Ji Wuye sneered as his bloodlust was a lot stronger than it was six months ago. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have dared to hunt quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm demonic beasts with his cultivation only in the greater Yin-Yang stage.

Right at this moment, beast roars echoed out from the wilderness as demonic clouds rolled over the city. The entire city became dark as the clouds enveloped every corner of the city.

“They’re here!” The hearts of the cultivators in Swordmire City clenched. They had waited a long time for the final battle. But under the terrifying pressure, a lot of cultivators felt nervous. After all, they never expected that the demonic aura from the demonic beasts would cause such a terrifying phenomenon.

Lin Yun and Ji Wuye’s eyes flashed with surprise before they headed towards the city wall. There were people who were already on the city wall and all of their faces changed when they saw the scene in front of them. The demonic beasts were marching like a colony of ants. From what they could see, there were nearly a hundred thousand of them.

“Holy shit, these many demonic beasts gathered in just a few days?”

“Can Swordmire City withstand such an attack?”

“It’s hard to say. This is only the beginning, so no one knows what will happen.”

“I finally understand why those who survived the beast times became so much stronger!” The beast tide charged at the city in formations beginning with the Profound Martial Realm, Violet Palace Realm, quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm, and ending with the overlord quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm demonic beasts.

The aura coming from the overlord demonic beasts was terrifying because it was comparable to Heavenly Soul Realm experts. When the final battle started, Swordmire City’s army charged to deal with the Profound Martial Realm demonic beasts.

The army charged in a formation as they were efficient at dealing with the Profound Martial Realm demonic beasts. With just a formation of one thousand, they managed to withstand tens of thousands of Profound Martial Realm demonic beasts. But there were simply too many demonic beasts.

“Time for us to attack!” When the Violet Palace Realm demonic beasts were about to attack, the geniuses on the city wall charged forward. After all, the army was a formidable force and it would be a one-sided slaughter if the Violet Palace Realm demonic beasts tore the formation apart.

So there was no way the geniuses gathered here could stand by and watch. Ji Wuye’s eyes flashed with interest as he glanced at Lin Yun before he jumped off the city gate. Lin Yun also held onto his sword as he charged forward.

An hour later, the overlord quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm demonic beasts were only two hundred miles away from Lin Yun. At this point, the Heavenly Soul Realm experts from the City Lord Mansion also soared into the sky.

“I wonder when the Beast King will appear. Let’s kill these overlord demonic beasts to warm up.” Wu Xiaotian smiled as he charged towards the overlord quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm demonic beasts along with the other experts.

“What arrogance. Why don’t you look at your strength before boasting?”

“We should make our moves as well. We can’t let him take all the spotlight.”

“Kill!” Qin Yang, Xie Yu, and Zhao Feng charged at the overlord quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm demonic beasts. Just like that, the battle against the beast tide had officially begun.