Chapter 35: Have you heard about Tolerance? (1)

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January 26, 2025.

A terrible disaster appeared in the world. That was similar to seeing the end of the world. An 8.9 magnitude earthquake ripped apart the world and destroyed the civilization that humans had created.

That was how Ju-Heon remembered the beginning of the Great Tomb Appearance.

Magma and fire that should not be there shot out of the cracks in the ground and black smoke had shot up into the air along with the fire.

The smoke itself was not normal either. The smoke that silently spread out caused people to become ill and people had to deal with this unknown source of pain as they fell down on the streets.

People had described it as the ground cracking and hell opening on Earth.

Of course, it was true that hell was opening.

The Egyptian disaster artifact had created the gates of hell in the world.

That was why Ju-Heon clicked his tongue in disbelief.

‘For Chairman Kwon to be the one to pull the trigger for that.’

He idiotically pulled the trigger himself after trying to avoid the Great Tomb Appearance.

‘He’ll probably faint when he realizes this later.’

No, there was no need to save it for later.

Unlike the relaxed Ju-Heon, Chairman Kwon’s expression was already clearly different than before. Chairman Kwon was feeling as if blood was draining out of his body.

‘Damn it, what the hell is going on?’

The first thing he saw was a black and red sky as if there was a war going on.

It was not just that. The airport they were in was being destroyed by the earthquake while ancient Egyptian buildings were appearing through the cracks in the ground. The damage was so severe that it was like looking at a destroyed airport after World War I.

This was clearly the result of a Tomb Appearance.

‘An above-ground type tomb.’

Tombs were divided into above-ground and underground types, but Ju-Heon had only been in underground types until now.

He was able to come out through the manhole after finding the gold-axe silver-axe in an underground pond, and he had escaped from Muramasa's tomb by using the rope and coming above ground to exit through the restroom.

‘But above-ground types are different.’

An easy way to describe it would be the buildings or a set area turning into a tomb. To put it bluntly, it would be like the White House turning into a tomb for Loki's artifact or the entire Hahoe Folk Village turning into a tomb for Jumong's artifact.

Naturally, the above-ground type artifacts caused the most damage.


However, Chairman Kwon was angry for a different reason.

He couldn't tell the size yet, but his conquest artifact was telling him something.

It was saying this was not a regular Tomb Appearance.

The artifact wasn’t actually talking, but the conquest artifact came with a strong area scanning ability.

  No Monarch of Conquest in the history of the world would jump into the battlefield without knowing about their enemies. As a result, the conquest artifact gave a similar ability to its user.

That was how he could tell.

‘The Tomb Appearance is much larger than I expected.’

It was not just covering Las Vegas. The Tomb Appearance expanded much wider than that.

‘F*ck, if it is this large, the entire world will found out about Tomb Appearances.’

Chairman Kwon's face was slowly turning paler as if he realized that he made a serious mistake that was bigger than he had expected.

Ju-Heon's eyes opened thinly as he watched that. Chairman Kwon's suspicions were correct.

[A heinous Egyptian artifact has created a Tomb Appearance that is larger than any other Tomb Appearances.]

  [Heinous Egyptian tombs have manifested throughout the world.]

  [A terrible disaster has spread throughout the world.]

Ju-Heon smiled bitterly as he read those messages.

The Great Tomb Appearance was not something he could have avoided in the first place. Furthermore, there was a reason the Great Tomb Appearance was the reason the entire world found out about artifacts.

The scale was larger than one region or one building turning into a tomb. This Tomb Appearance ranged throughout the entire world!

In simple terms, it was as if the entire Earth had turned into a large dungeon. This was why it was called the Great Tomb Appearance.

The disaster grade for these tombs were the worst of the four possible grades at the < Disaster-Grade >, fitting of tombs created by Divine-Grade artifacts.

‘It's going to be a strong artifact with a terrible personality since it is strong enough to create this Great Tomb Appearance.

Either way, the world has probably turned into pandemonium thanks to this artifact.

This incident had caused history's largest casualty count in the past that was so bad that no future wars ever surpassed that casualty count.

That was the reason people were calling it a disaster in the world and that the world was going to end.

He had felt the same way when he had experienced the Great Tomb Appearance as well.


‘This Tomb Appearance will disappear if I take the artifact.’

Then things should be able to recover as well. There was also a reason there was so much damage. It had taken three months in the past to clear the Great Tomb Appearance. It meant that the entire world was stuck inside a tomb for three months.

Furthermore, the future might have changed as it was not an Egyptian artifact that had caused the Great Tomb Appearance in the past.

It was an Indian artifact in the past, and the person who took the Indian Divine-Grade artifact was probably the < Monarch of Asura >.

‘I wonder how long it will take this time.’

Ju-Heon looked at his watch instead of his phone that was going crazy to check the time.

It had been approximately 30 minutes since the Tomb Appearance manifested.

It was better to clear it as quickly as possible.

‘I need to make it have the least amount of casualties as possible.’

However, Chairman Kwon who realized his mistake opened his eyes wide.

‘I need to quickly take care of this bastard and cover up the situation.’

Unfortunately, he didn’t know the size of this to know if it could be covered up or not. But Chairman Kwon who had no way of knowing that started to use the conquest artifact on Ju-Heon.


“Didn't I tell you not to use the conquest artifact? You old bastard.”

Ju-Heon coldly glared at Chairman Kwon. Chairman Kwon who had used the conquest artifact looked at Ju-Heon in disbelief after hearing that.

‘Obedience doesn’t work on him.’

That was the case. The conquest artifact turned people in a set vicinity to be his captives.


As the name mentioned, it was used to subjugate them and make them obey. However, Ju-Heon did not look to be obeying him at all.

‘What is going on?’

Chairman Kwon decided to try again as the conquest artifact still had a high rate of failure.

However, there were some disrespectful individuals who got in the way of the anxious Chairman Kwon.

[The Jackal bastard was right. Those lowly humans are able to dominate us.]

A foreign voice started to speak at that moment. The voice was coming from the ceiling of the almost destroyed Las Vegas Airport. There was a muscular black greyhound glaring at them.

[Warning. Your internal organs are receiving minor damages after being attacked by a violent artifact and your artifacts are getting damaged.]

[Tolerance has increased after being attacked by a violent artifact.]

  [Tolerance has increased after being attacked by a violent artifact.]

  [Tolerance has increased after being attacked by a violent artifact.]

  [Tolerance has increased after being attacked by a violent artifact.]

[The rate of damage to your internal organs is decreasing proportionally to the increasing tolerance.]

It was an extremely scary aura.

A scary aura that was unpleasant and suffocating surrounded Ju-Heon and Chairman Kwon. Thanks to that, all of Ju-Heon’s artifacts started to shake in fear. Ju-Heon had never seen them react like this before.

‘As expected of a Divine-Grade artifact.’

It was very different than the Herb of Eternal Youth which was also a Divine-Grade artifact but not something that could be used as an offensive artifact. These bastards were strong Divine-Grade artifacts that could turn someone into a monopolizer.

However, they were more vicious and violent than he had expected.

Hearing Jackal made him think of Anubis, the God of Death, however, seeing the greyhound made Ju-Heon start to frown.


It was because Ju-Heon had faced this bastard in the past before.

‘That damn greyhound. That’s the god Set’s artifact.’

Set, the god of destruction and evil’s artifact was not something he could handle. This was not because it was difficult to control but because it had a terrible personality. Ju-Heon had ended up destroying it and the artifact user in the past.

That was why Ju-Heon was frowning.

‘The one to cause the Great Tomb Appearance was Set's Artifact and not Anubis's Artifact?’

Anubis would have been quite useful for him.

However, it was at that moment.

[Let's get rid of them right now, sir.]

Ju-Heon turned his head.

‘There’s another one?’

A black Jackal jumped off from the opposite side of the ceiling. This jackal that looked similar to a black dobermann had a golden Egyptian necklace.

That was not the end.

There was one more voice.

[Good job finding them. I don’t want to work with that classless bastard but I suppose I'll let it go as our goals are the same.]


The third voice was coming from the jackal's necklace.

Of course, there was no way Chairman Kwon could hear their conversation. Only Ju-Heon who could hear them started to frown. Their conversation allowed Ju-Heon to notice that there were three artifacts.

‘Damn it, three Divine-Grade artifacts in one tomb.’

There was usually one artifact per tomb. It was rare to find other artifacts inside one tomb unless they were somehow attached to each other.

However, it was understandable as this was the Great Tomb Appearance.

Ju-Heon was also able to tell the identity of these three artifacts as well. It was not very difficult after taking a look at their appearances and listening to their conversation.

The greyhound that was violently baring its teeth was Set, the god of destruction and evil’s artifact. The black jackal that was using a respectful tone was Anubis, the god of Death's artifact. The one who appeared as Anubis's necklace was probably Osiris's artifact, and he was known for having a bad relationship with Set.

Of course, he didn't care about the issues between artifacts.

‘I have no interest in that.’

The important thing was…

‘Three balls of disasters have appeared.’

These balls of disasters treated humans as trash, enjoyed watching them die, and tried to kill all humans. The Divine-Grade artifacts were at the zenith of trying to destroy mankind.

‘One Divine-Grade artifact is fine but three of them…’

Was it doable?

Ju-Heon had faced two Divine-Grade artifacts at once before but never three.

They started to speak.

[Two humans? Anubis. Wasn't there a human bitch who uses the destitution artifact as well?]

  [Sir, let’s take care of these human bastards and then take care of her.]

  [Then what test do you think we need to give to enjoy watching them die?]

It was at that moment.

[You sons of bitches, why give a test? Let’s just quickly take care of them! I'm annoyed just being in the same place as human bastards!]

The angry one was Set's artifact.

[Humans are like flies! We can easily kill them by sending out our aura!]

Once one bastard launched the attack, the other artifacts started to attack Ju-Heon and Chairman Kwon as if they didn’t want to lose.

Heinous auras that looked like black smoke started to surround them.

Chairman Kwon started to frown as he watched this happen.

‘I’ll make them submit before they get me!’

However, Chairman Kwon who tried to use the conquest artifact coughed up blood and kneeled. The airport was already a part of the manifested tomb. It was only natural that he would suffer from the illness you receive while inside the tombs.

‘Damn it!’

The illness created by three Divine-Grade artifacts related to death was worse than anybody could expect. However, Chairman Kwon was grinding his teeth while looking at Ju-Heon.

‘Why is that bastard!’

He was coughing up blood but Ju-Heon was fine. Of course, he was frowning because of the terrible aura, but that was it.

And lo and behold, the artifacts looked toward Ju-Heon and started to laugh.

[That bastard is lasting quite well!]

  [Is it because that bastard is young? I didn't use too much of my power so I guess it was too weak.]

  [Are you not going to do it properly?]

An urgent message popped up at the same time.

[The artifacts are terrified and being destroyed by the strong artifacts’ powers.]

  [A serious Egyptian virus is trying to enter your body.]

  [The enemy artifacts are openly revealing their murderous intent.]


[The might of the attack is slightly decreased based on your tolerance level.]

  [The might of the attack is slightly decreased based on your tolerance level.]

  [The might of the attack is slightly decreased based on your tolerance level.]

  [The might of the attack is slightly decreased based on your tolerance level.]

It seemed bearable.

Ju-Heon continued to resist and the trio of artifacts started to become confused.

[Hold on? What is up with this bastard?! Why is he not fainting?!]

  [What the hell is going on?!]

  [Hold on, that bastard… Doesn’t he smell like that motherf*cking crow bastard?]

The artifacts urgently started to shout.

[Try it again!]

However, Ju-Heon called forth one of his artifacts and started to smile.

“I got you now. You arrogant artifact bastards.”