Chapter 187: A Beautiful Hijacking (2)

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Seol-A questioned her eyes. It really was Chloe. She was definitely there.


Seol-A quickly turned back. However, she was no longer in the same spot. Seol-A looked around and couldn’t help but frown.


‘……Did I really make a mistake?’


Chloe. She was the artifact user who used Nightingale's artifact. She was Ju-Heon's doctor and the team member responsible for the health of all of the tomb raiding team's members.


Basically, Yoo Jaeha was the scam… No, restorer. She was the spy. Julian was the strategist. As for Chloe, she was the healing artifact specialist.


Tombs were places where humans could easily get sick. Furthermore, an artifact’s risk brought a lot of fatigue and illnesses to a person as well.


‘Chloe was the one who had slowed down the Captain-nim’s illness as well……’


Ju-Heon’s tomb syndrome had been much worse than most people. It was as if he had to deal with pain in his head and chest on a daily basis, as if someone was making him feel pain on purpose. She was the one who had lessened that pain for him.


She might have been unknown in the world because of the Monarch of Healing, but she was actually a doctor who could have easily shocked the world. As for whether she was close to them…… She wasn’t, but that was because of a difference in personalities.


‘Anyway, she is one of our team members.’


There was no way she wouldn’t be happy to see her. Seol-A especially could not forget about what had happened in the final tomb. Chloe had been very worried about Ju-Heon at that time.


Most importantly, Ju-Heon would be very happy to know about this.


But Seol-A soon flinched.


‘Chloe… Her outfit was a bit odd.’


It was an outfit she would have never worn.


‘Did I see wrong? But I'm sure it was Chloe.’


It was at that moment.


Tang tang tang!


“Did you not hear us?! Sit your asses down!”


The TKBM Hunters… No, the terrorists who were pretending to be TKBM's hunters were threatening the passengers and the flight attendants.


‘Damn it.’


It became extremely difficult as they were using the virus artifact they had received after being hired by TKBM.


“Alright, start reading the Quran from the front seat. You will be executed immediately if you are unable to read it!”



The TKBM employees could not watch any longer and grabbed their arms.


“Hey! We didn't give you such an order!”

  “Sit tight and wait……!”






They ruthlessly shot the people who should have been on their side.



  “Aaaaaaaah, my leg, my leeeeeeg!”


There were terrible screams once they were hit by the virus bullets.


“U, uggggh!”


However, the terrorists, who had been planning to do this from the beginning, didn’t even blink.


“Alright, my brothers should have taken control of the cockpit by now.”


  “I will send all of you to great Allah’s side! Who wants to be first?! Huh?”


The plane was forced into silence. The terrorist started to laugh.


“Hmph, then you will be the first to read the Quran. I will put a hole in your head for being a heretic if you are unable to read it.”

  “P, please don’t kill me!”


Seol-A immediately jumped in after hearing a gunshot and a scream.






As Seol-A started to suppress the terrorists…


The eldest son must have decided enough was enough and tried to get up.


“I will go settle things as the person who hired them. How dare they use father’s artifact in such a terrible manner.”


However, Yang Chen told him to stay seated.


“It is best not to get involved, sir. You won’t be able to get through to them.”



Yang Chen's eyes flashed as he whispered to the eldest son.


“Furthermore, it will cause quite the headache if it is revealed that the Hunters we hired did this.”


  “We shut them up. And then we can put the blame on Seo Ju-Heon.”



Yang Chen started to smile.


“Seo Ju-Heon and the passengers will all die if we blow up the plane. The TKBM employees will find a way to survive if they are lucky.”


  We could use the artifact of Gossip to spread the news that Seo Ju-Heon was responsible for this terrorist incident.


It was a great idea. There would be no issues if there were no witnesses.


"But still……”



  “Dan. You remember that person, right?”



The eldest son's complexion changed and he gulped.


Dan was one of Ju-Heon’s tomb raiding team members in the past. These two people, who had no way of knowing about that, continued to chat.


“It hasn’t been long since we covered up the incident you caused, Director-nim. The reporters are already going to the prison to dig up dirt… If this incident is revealed as well……”


The eldest son nodded his head after hearing that. He had no choice.


It happened at that moment. As Yoo Jaeha had come to the back to see what was going on…


“Ugh, ugh…… Please let us use that artifact too!”


A passenger who had been shot was desperately begging for something.


They were begging to one of the TKBM employees.

  “That seems to be a healing artifact! The people who have been shot are starting to become weird!”

  “They are biting each other and causing a ruckus!”

  “My child keeps coughing up blood!”

  “It looks like people who use that artifact that you have become normal…!”

  “Hey. This is……”

  “My child is dying! Please!”

  “My father's condition suddenly became weird as well!”


One of the leaders of TKBM's excavation team became annoyed. It was because too many people were coming at him.


“Wait, I don’t have any! I don't have any more!”

  “What do you mean you don't have any more?! I saw you taking it out of that carrier! I saw that it was filled with the same thing!”

  “No, you can’t have this!”


“Healing artifacts are precious.’


They were people who were responsible for protecting Director Kwon Seung Woo, Chairman Kwon's eldest son. That was why these healing artifacts could only be used for the eldest son's benefit.


They couldn’t give such precious healing artifacts to these useless people when they didn't know what would happen in the future! But the people who heard about this urgently gathered around him.


“You have something that can heal them?!”

  “Please give it to me! My mother…! She’ll end up dying if you don’t do anything! Please!”

  “Please let me use it once! My wife and daughter!”


Even more people gathered around him.


The man looked toward Yang Chen.


‘What should I do?’


Yang Chen just glared back at him.


He was obviously asking why the man even had to think about it.


‘We’re going to kill these passengers off when we blow up the plane.’


He meant that there was no need to heal people who were going to die anyway.


‘It would just be a waste of the artifacts.’


Maybe that was the reason. The man started to get angry after seeing Yang Chen’s gaze.


“Ah, whatever! These are not for you guys to use! These are for VIPs only!”

  “That's right, pay up 100 million won as a usage fee if you want to use it! Get lost if you don't have the money!”



They started to kick the people gathering around them away. They could do this because it had not been revealed that they were part of TKBM.


Yoo Jaeha, who had witnessed all of this, started to grind his teeth.


‘Those bastards.’


As Yoo Jaeha couldn’t watch anymore and was about to step in…


“I, I'm healed!”


They heard someone laughing brightly nearby.


The man from TKBM urgently turned his head. He then put a hand on the back of his head.


“Hey! Who told you that you could use that?!”


That was right. There was a woman who had taken their healing artifacts at some point and was healing the people.


It was Chloe.


“Hand those over!”

  “Hey, can’t you hear me?!”


Chloe turned her head.


“No, I can hear fine.”


Yoo Jaeha's jaw dropped as he looked at this woman.


‘Who is this woman?!’


Part of the reason was because she was beautiful, but the main reason was because it was shocking that she didn't even flinch even when there was a gun pointed at her. Of course, TKBM’s side could only grab the back of their heads in anger.


“Hold on, where the hell did you get that from?!”


Chloe started to smile before tilting her head in confusion at their question.


“Do you have dementia? You don’t even know where you put it? I got it from your pockets.”


She seemed to have stolen it. They shouted in disbelief after hearing her be shameless.


“Hand that over right now! That’s for our VIP!”

  “What? It’ll just turn to shit if you save it.”

  “T, there are more patients over here!”

  “Ah, please wait a moment. I'll be right……”


The healing artifact in Chloe’s hand was destroyed at that moment. The TKBM employees could not bear with it anymore and had destroyed it.


“Try to take some more if you think you can do so.”


Chloe started to walk away before destroying one of TKBM's carry on suitcases.




“! !”


Artifacts poured out of the suitcase.


"Thanks, I'll take them since you told me to take them.”


Chloe nonchalantly grabbed some of the artifacts and taught people how to use them.


Someone screamed at that moment.


“Hey! Stop it!”


They tried to ambush Chloe, but well…




There was a flash of light and they were defeated by this slender girl.


Yoo Jaeha blankly watched her for a bit before starting to clap internally.


‘Jackpot, there’s another girl who is like Seol-A.’


It was at that moment.


“I was wondering why you guys were taking so long.”


Yoo Jaeha's eyes opened wide after hearing a voice next to him.




He pointed somewhere while rattling on.


“Captain-nim, there was a total babe over there……!”

  “……A total babe?”


Yoo Jaeha pointed at an old grandma who was using the healing artifacts to help people.


“No, not that grandma, damn it, there was a woman who could fight really well… Where did she go?”




Seol-A, who had run over to Ju-Heon, started to shout.


“Captain-nim! Actually……!”



Ju-Heon covered Seol-A's mouth as if to say that he knew what was going on.


“I took care of the ones trying to take control of the cockpit. They were trying to remove the engine.”


‘No, that’s not what I'm talking about, but…… I guess we can discuss it later.’


Most importantly, that woman was wearing the outfit of a terrorist organization that should have nothing to do with Chloe.


‘I could have seen wrong.’


Well, Yoo Jaeha had thought she was just another passenger, but there was no way Seol-A would know about that.


Ju-Heon looked at the unconscious terrorists and started to speak again.


"Those bastards installed self-destructing artifacts all around the plane. These guys were total perverts.”


Ju-Heon was shaking a bomb artifact saying there were some even hidden among women's underwear.


It was amazing how he managed to find those, but…


“But Captain-nim, you should be able to recover all of those artifacts……”

  “Why should I recover them?”

  “Excuse me?”

  “It's perfect. I was worried about how to escape once we got to France.”

  “You thought of something?”


Ju-Heon quietly whispered.


“Do you remember when that bastard Yoo Jaeha was the Monarch of Fraud?”


  “A method that bastard frequently used.”


Seol-A turned pale after hearing that.


It happened at that moment.


“What are you guys doing over there?!”


They heard some voices from farther down the corridor. The terrorists seemed to have more allies.


But surprisingly, their focus was not on the passengers but on TKBM's eldest son and Yang Chen.


"What do you think you’re doing?!”


They seemed to have been caught while trying to escape using an escape-type artifact.


Ju-Heon found it amusing and started to walk over to them.


And then…


“Hand over the artifacts in your hands.”


The terrorists were focusing on the eldest son.


“Hand it over now!”


Ju-Heon nonchalantly interjected.


“Oho, stop it. People on the same side shouldn't fight.”



Yang Chen and the eldest son gasped and then looked toward Ju-Heon. Ju-Heon didn't care and just continued to speak.


“Hey, those guys are the ones who hired you. You can't treat them like that. They're important people in TKBM.”


The eldest son looked flustered as he looked toward Seo Ju-Heon.


‘T, this bastard!’


Ju-Heon’s words made the passengers start to talk.


"What? The people who hired them?”

  “Did he just say TKBM?”

  “All of this is TKBM's fault? Holy shit!”


Most people knew about a large corporation such as TKBM. They were also one of the top companies in excavation. Yang Chen and the eldest son started to frown after hearing the people start to talk.


‘Seo Ju-Heon, this bastard.’


He was certain. He was planning on putting the blame for everything that happened on the plane on them! It was a way for them to get out of it but also the way to screw them over.


Was it because they realized that?


‘We need to get rid of everybody here to get rid of the evidence.’


It was at that moment.




Yang Chen stole a bomb artifact from a terrorist and blew it up.


Their artifacts were all given to them by TKBM anyway. There was no way he wouldn't know how to use them.




There was an explosion on the plane and people started to scream. The inside of the plane as it shook and fell truly seemed like hell.