Chapter 4019: The Preeminent Legacy


Jian Sanqiang wasn’t the only one with this idea. Several other big shots felt the same way but they weren’t as fast as him nor were they as shameless.

Thus, after Li Qiye returned to his temporary dwelling, others came and offered a similar deal.

Li Qiye didn’t see them; Xu Yiyun simply relayed their messages to him.

One particular sect was of note - Sword Temple.

“Sword Temple?” Li Qiye chuckled after hearing her message: “It wants to be the richest too?”

Sword Temple was created by Sword Queen. It had three dao lords and a current overlord - Everlasting Sword God.

“Sword Temple has an excellent offer, Young Noble. Its elder wishes to recruit you and let you train a peerless sword dao from there.” Yiyun elaborated.

“No one can resist money, it’s just that instead of coins, cultivators love refined jades.” Li Qiye chuckled.

Omniscient Dao Lord’s legacy had reached an insane level throughout the years, far exceeding any other power in Sword Continent.

Dao lords normally possessed great treasures and wealth. However, they spent it on creating a lineage.

Thus, though these lineages eventually prospered, they absolutely couldn’t compare to the Preeminent Legacy under the control of Archaic Style.

Sects had millions of disciples that consumed an inordinate amount of cultivation resources. Moreover, they needed offerings for their top ancestors as well.

Furthermore, not all dao lord sects improved in each subsequent generation. In fact, declination was more likely while the Preeminent Legacy continued to snowball.

Therefore, no sects could resist the temptation of owning this legacy, not even the behemoths. The big shots always came to attempt each opening, hoping for success.

That’s why it wasn’t surprising for Sword Temple to try and work together with Li Qiye. The latter had performed a miraculous feat back at the training ground. Many viewed him highly so he became a hot commodity.

Alas, he refused Sword Temple and everyone else.

He woke up quite early on the second day and went to the legacy with Lu Qi and Yiyun. However, the place was already packed with people.

The legacy was located in a valley in Hallowed City. The entire valley has been refined into a single plate. The dao lord used his ultimate technique and power along with countless resources for this goal.

It was unbreakable by brute force despite numerous attempts. For example, Starshooter Dao Lord of Sea Emperor and Darkfrost Dao Lord of Flame Valley have come in the past.

They said that it was difficult to break whether it be through the dao or by brute force. Thus, no one tried to use brute force against the legacy.

From a distance, the legacy resembled a funnel with a bottomless abyss at the bottom. The main difference was the existence of squares. At the top were 9,999 squares. As one went lower, there were less and less. The bottom level only had 99 squares. This was what gave the legacy a funnel shape.

The 9,999 squares at the top allowed for cultivators to stand. Each square had a unique and inscrutable symbol. There was no repetition.

Starting the process was simple. One just needed to pay an entry fee to Archaic Style then they would be allotted a position at the top for a limited time.

They would then need to throw their money into the funnel. When they hit the right squares, the squares would light up including their current position. This went on until they successfully solved the legacy. The dao lord’s spirit would return and grant the winner all of his wealth.

Of course, losing meant abandoning the capital that has been thrown down there in the first place. Because of this, the legacy accumulated more money after millions of years. This trend wasn’t slowing down.

Today wasn’t the first day of the legacy opening. It has been several days but the scene was still packed with people from all over the world.

Eyes turned towards Li Qiye right away.

“That’s the brat who opened all the plates in the practice field?” People talked about him right away.

“That’s him, and he only used mortal coins too.” Someone who was there in person confirmed.

“Mortal coins? This can’t be real.” Most listeners clamored.

In fact, Li Qiye’s achievement caused quite a stir in Hallowed City yesterday. He became the biggest star right away.

“No, it’s absolutely true, plenty of witnesses yesterday.” Someone else swore.

“So there’s a chance that the unbeatable legacy will be solved today?” Another took a deep breath.

“No way, if it were so easy, the dao lords would have done so long ago. It’s not this junior’s turn.” One youth snorted.

“Knowing how to open the imitation plates doesn't mean he can do the same thing here. Just watch.” Another was clearly jealous.

“Right, imitations can’t compare to the real thing. Otherwise, Archaic Style would have opened the legacy long ago and monopolized it.” One big shot mused.

Others agreed with this sentiment. If solving those imitation plates meant success here, then the creators of those plates should know the actual answer to the legacy.

“The Preeminent Legacy is at least ten million times more complex than those imitation plates.” A high elder said: “Archaic Style only used those fields to make more money while taking advantage of everyone’s greed.”

“I refuse to believe it, just watch.” No one among the crowd believed in Li Qiye.