Chapter 1415 Clone

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“You fellows are courting death!” One of the Divine Monarchs stretched his hand and grasped. Instantly, several of the opposing cultivators flew up into the sky before blowing up. They had been utterly obliterated, in both body and soul.

Seeing that, the other escaped prisoners swiftly displayed flight techniques to escape. Another Divine Monarch attacked, sending a one-chi-long flying sword soaring into the sky. The flying sword then disappeared from sight. When it flew back, the escaped prisoners had all been killed. That included a Divine Prince.

“Something has happened to the Sealed Zone. Should we go check it out?”

“The True Monarchs have already gone over. We are Divine Monarchs. Even if we go, we will not be able to help out much. The way I see it, defending the East Extreme Immortal Palace is more important.”

“Yes. We should stay here. Our East Extreme Immortal Palace is more important. We cannot let anything bad happen to it.”

Chen Feng had quickly returned to the Longevity Alliance. In the beginning, he had planned on sending an army to attack the East Extreme Immortal Palace. But after reconsidering, he decided against it. The problem plaguing the East Extreme Immortal Palace had escalated to a very high level, shaking even the Immortal Court.

Nothing good will come from entering the fray at this moment for the Longevity Alliance. Besides, he had already obtained a great harvest from this trip. He had plundered the treasure palaces of the East Extreme Immortal Palace, obtained the Spiritual Fountain of Agelessness and caught some skeletons in the Sealed Zone. After refining the skeletons, they would surely become existences on par with Divine Monarchs.

After distributing some cultivation materials, Chen Feng then entered a cultivation session. As for the entire Longevity Alliance, they grew vigilant and prepared for battle. Additionally, they also sent out a high number of cultivators to investigate what was happening in the East Extreme Immortal Palace. Chen Feng himself was uncertain how the incident in the Sealed Zone would affect the Immortal Plane. The Longevity Plane needed to make plans for everything and be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

The waters from the Spiritual Fountain of Agelessness formed small streams that slowly melded with Chen Feng’s bodily worlds. And so, the worlds expanded and grew increasingly stable and durable. With the power of agelessness, there was no longer any difference between his bodily worlds and the bodily world formed by a genuine Ageless Gold Immortal.

The amount of water from the Spiritual Fountain of Agelessness that Chen Feng had obtained may appear like an ocean for others. But even if it were ten times greater, Chen Feng would not begrudge having more. It did not take long before half of the fountain waters melded into Chen Feng’s bodily worlds. This may not sound like much, but if the amount used were to be given to regular half-step Gold Immortals instead, even 100,000 half-step Gold Immortals would need tens of thousands of years to finish using up the fountain waters. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the East Extreme Immortal Palace had incurred too much of a loss this time.

As for the other half of the fountain waters, Chen Feng distributed them, leaving not a drop behind. In Chen Feng’s opinion, the most important issue here was to use whatever resources they have to give the best results.

With the fountain waters from the Spiritual Fountain of Agelessness, the cultivators from the Longevity Alliance would be able to – in the coming days – advance to the Ageless Gold Immortal stage at a faster rate.

After absorbing the fountain waters, Chen Feng recovered up to 40% of his power. Feeling the surging power within him, he felt that a full recovery was just a matter of time. And so, he grew even more relieved.

Chen Feng had many things to do. Back when he was absorbing the fountain waters, he also helped the Dao Monarchs Hell and Asura reform their bodies. The power of life and fountain waters were poured into the reforming process, making their bodies even stronger and more resilient than before. That said, they were still somewhat lacking in the soul department. Making a full recovery there would require some more time.

Naturally, this was already the best-case scenario for the two Dao Monarchs. Any other cultivators may have died right on the spot. Even if a strand of their souls managed to escape, without anyone to help them reform their bodies, they would have a very hard time recovering their strength.

“Empress, if I refine these skeletons into clones or combat puppets, what level can they reach?” Chen Feng was discussing with the Battler Bug Empress. At any rate, the Battler Bug Empress’ ability to appraise situations, the legacies and knowledge contained within its genes and its strength surpassed Chen Feng. Moreover, Chen Feng also had no one else to discuss the issue with at the moment.

The Battler Bug Empress pondered for a moment before saying, “They will not be comparable to the combat puppets beside you. However, I suggest using some special secret techniques during the refining process.”

“Example?” Chen Feng asked.

“For example, fusing a combat puppet with a clone,” the Battler Bug Empress said.

“I understand what you mean. After the refining process, I will be able to use them as either clones or combat puppets. It is not a new idea, nor is it difficult. However, soul power will be needed to complement the refining process. In truth, these two combat puppets can also be used as clones, but I am not strong enough. Even if I place my soul imprint inside them, I would still be incapable of unleashing their full power. I also do not have that much time. Having them as combat puppets guarding me is good enough.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Yes,” the Battler Bug Empress said affirmingly.

“A clone would be able to utilize various secret techniques, but it requires its own soul and consciousness. And while combat puppets are good as well, they lack wisdom. How conflicting! The Longevity Scripture has a forging and refining technique for this. As it so happens, I can use them to try it out.” Chen Feng made up his mind. With a wave of his hand, a white-coloured skeleton flew out.

This skeleton was one zhang tall, taller than an ordinary human. The bones on its body were white in colour and milky-white streams of light kept flowing around it. This was not a crystal skeleton. It was a Divine Prince level skeleton that Chen Feng had brought out for an experiment. Even if the experiment were to fail, it would not distress him. At any rate, in his opinion, not even 10 or 20 of these skeletons were as valuable as one crystal skeleton.

For Chen Feng, the Longevity Scripture had already completely melded with his life imprint. One thought from him was all it took for a formula to float out from the Longevity Scripture. The very next moment, Chen Feng gained a thorough understanding of the secret technique. In truth, this secret technique was from the Longevity Artifact Refining Arts. If this particular secret technique were to be given a name, then it would be known as the Corpse Refining Technique.

“If I am refining a combat puppet here, then this could indeed be called corpse refining. However, I am refining a clone for myself here,” Chen Feng said in a self-deprecating tone.

Chen Feng had all kinds of materials needed for the refining process. Even if one or two happened to be missing, he could use other items as substitutes. Moreover, with the skeleton there, he did not need too many more materials. And so, he began refining the skeleton while the Battler Bug Empress stood beside to give suggestions.

In the beginning, Chen Feng had utilized his own soul flame for the refining process. Quickly, he found that his strength was lacking. And so, he linked up with the ley fire beneath the ground. Ley fire was the most suitable fire in artifact forging and pill concoction. Chen Feng also added his own soul flame into the mix. Not long after that, the white skeleton walked out from the flames. Naturally, it was moving under the direction of the divine sense that Chen Feng had attached to its body.

Flames raged across the surface of its white bones, but the flames did not burn the bones to ash. On the contrary, the bones grew even more resilient. They also looked as though they were turning crystal-clear.

“Could this skeleton advance to become a crystal skeleton in the future? Looks like that is indeed the case. By the way, combat puppets also can advance, but it is very difficult. Clones will have a slightly easier time advancing.” Chen Feng was constantly waving his hand and flicking his fingers and various magic arrays and seals flew into the skeleton non-stop.

Some of the magic arrays were for offence while some were for defence. A portion of the magic arrays was something that Chen Feng had engraved beforehand while another portion was from the Battler Bug Empress. The rate at which Chen Feng could refine the skeleton was still somewhat too slow, after all.

With the Battler Bug Empress’ assistance, the rate at which he refined the skeleton increased severalfold. Even though this was his first time refining such a high-level skeleton, Chen Feng did not appear unskilled in doing it. Though, the exhaustion of his soul was inevitable.

On this particular day, it finally succeeded. The white skeleton that was one zhang tall had become completely different. Firstly, its body shape had changed. Its size had shrunk down to only a height of two metres. Additionally, and most noticeably, its skeletal appearance was no more. In its place was a human body with flesh and blood.

It had an upright and strong body and its muscles contained a volcanic power. Its face was completely identical to Chen Feng’s face and its long hair was casually tied up. Standing before Chen Feng, it gave him a strange feeling.

If anyone were to come here, they would surely think that it was a human cultivator and not a skeleton.

“Young Master, let’s test it,” the Battler Bug Empress said.

Chen Feng nodded. A strand of his divine sense then entered the body standing in front of him. Next, the eyes of this body that were closed abruptly opened and two streams of golden light swiftly flew out. Circling around, they flew back into the body’s eyes. After the golden light disappeared, a set of clear eyes was revealed. There was a spiritual quality to the bright eyes and a new power spread out from the body to form a halo of light that spread outwards.

“Huh!” Chen Feng’s clone exhaled and a massive hurricane immediately spun far into the distance. However, the Battler Bug Empress took action to easily disperse the hurricane.

“Not bad. A formidable strength and a resilient body. Although there are still some flaws, this can already be considered a success. This is my first time refining a clone like this, after all. This result is already worth celebrating,” clone Chen Feng said, moving his body non-stop, familiarizing himself with the body.

Light shone and the Longevity Combat Armour emerged to perfectly encase clone Chen Feng. He then stretched his hand out and a stream of light condensed to form a bone blade. However, the power emanating from the bone blade contained the essence of longevity.

“Young Master, should we test its combat power?” the Battler Bug Empress suggested.

“Of course, but not against you. There are many Gold Immortals in the alliance. I believe that there should be many who would be willing to become a punching bag,” clone Chen Feng said before taking a step forward, disappearing from sight.

“Alright, let’s prepare. We’ll continue to refine the other skeletons into clones,” main Chen Feng said, smiling.

Having reached his present level, Chen Feng’s one mind could process countless issues. Even the act of transforming into 10 million bodies was but a minor thing for him. He had only sent a strand of his divine sense into the clone. It would not affect him much.

The body already possessed power. What Chen Feng added into it was but soul and thought.

Chen Feng’s clone would, for now, be known as Bone Clone One. Bone Clone One moved very quickly and it did not take long before he found an Ageless Gold Immortal.

“Alliance Lord!”

Noticing Chen Feng’s appearance, the Gold Immortal who was strolling around immediately saluted him respectfully.

“You are Sword Immortal Enigma?” clone Chen Feng asked with a smile.

“Yes, what instructions do you have for me, Alliance Lord?” Sword Immortal Enigma asked curiously.

Sword Immortal Enigma had joined the Longevity Alliance as a loose cultivator. A thousand years ago, he was only a half-step Gold Immortal. After joining the Longevity Alliance, the cultivation resources he obtained here allowed him to advance to the Ageless Gold Immortal stage. Due to that, he harboured a deep sense of belonging to the Longevity Alliance.

At that very moment, however, Sword Immortal Enigma was feeling puzzled. He did not understand why the big boss would come find him. However, he did feel somewhat excited. He did hear about how several Gold Immortals had followed the Alliance Lord for an adventure. They came back with an enormous harvest. It was such that the eyes of others turned red with envy. Due to that, Sword Immortal Enigma’s thoughts began to go all over the place.

“Come, let’s spar,” clone Chen Feng said.

Sword Immortal Enigma was first taken aback and he promptly said, “Subordinate wouldn’t dare!”

Speaking of which, this was a very amusing situation. A Gold Immortal was displaying respect towards a half-step Gold Immortal. Naturally, the body that Chen Feng was using here was not that of a half-step Gold Immortal, but something refined from the body of a Divine Prince. As for how strong it was, that was something Chen Feng had to test.

“Ha ha! Let me explain. This is a clone that I have just refined. I want to test how successful the refining process is. It will be a normal spar, and if I find your performance satisfactory…” After saying that, clone Chen Feng pondered before reaching out with a hand to grasp at the air. Next, a fruit appeared in his hand.

“That is!” Looking at the fruit in clone Chen Feng’s palm, Sword Immortal Enigma’s eyes lit up.

“That is the Fruit of Life, isn’t it?” Sword Immortal Enigma asked excitedly.

“Yes, it is the Fruit of Life. If your performance satisfies me, this Fruit of Life will be yours. I estimate that this Fruit of Life can give you 100,000 years’ worth of cultivation,” clone Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Thank you, Alliance Lord!” Sword Immortal Enigma hastily said.


1 chi = 0.333 m

1 zhang = 3.333 m