Chapter 966: Daosource Three Skies


Lu Yin carried Xu San over to a quiet location. Thunder rumbled above them as Xu San whined, “Boss, I missed you so much!”

Lu Yin snapped back when he saw Xu San’s expression, “Stop acting! You’re living such a great life. It’s definitely much better than when you were living on Earth.”

“But that’s my home! Who can forget their home?” Xu San said in an exaggerated fashion.

Lu Yin hesitated. “You want to go back rich, don’t you?!”

Xu San smiled in a bashful manner. “Boss, you know me the best. You’re the smartest!”

“Stop your nonsense. We want to know about the current situation in the Cosmic Sea,” Starsibyl stated coldly.

Xu San gave her a sly smile. “What do you want to know, Boss Lady?”

In a glacial tone, Starsibyl replied, “I’ll cut your tongue out if you ever speak to me like that again.”

Xu San quickly shut his mouth.

Ling Que walked over while rubbing his calf. “Talk quickly, as they’re going to wake up soon.”

Lu Yin turned back to Xu San. “Since you’re willing to follow the people from the Sixth Mainland, I won’t force you to come back, but you still have to help me.”

Xu San grew serious. “Boss, you brought me away from Earth, so even if I betray the entire universe, I still wouldn't betray you. I’ll tell you everything I know.”

“What’s the current situation like in the Cosmic Sea?” Lu Yin asked.

Xu San was instantly distressed. “Boss, I only know about Starlight Island’s circumstances. I don’t know what’s happening with the other places.”

“Then just tell me about this place.”

Xu San thought for a moment and then said, “Starlight Island is one of the Sixth Mainland’s main bases that they’re using to invade the Cosmic Sea. Ever since the Sixth Mainland and the Fifth Mainland agreed to let the younger generation fight it out, many young experts from the Sixth Mainland have come to Starlight Island. Right now, there are about ten million Sixth Mainland cultivators on Starlight Island, and the strongest among them are probably the Realmlings, Nan Yanfei and Shang Rong.”

The three people listening were moved when they heard about the Realmlings. Realmlings were experts who were comparable to the Ten Arbiters, and there were actually two of them on the island.

Lu Yin thought back to his different encounters, but he had never met Nan Yanfei, so Nan Yanfei would not be able to recognize Lu Yin. As for Shang Rong, Lu Yin had battled against that Realmling before, but the man might not recognize Lu Yin’s face either.

“With the two Realmlings as their leaders, the younger generation powerhouses from the Progenitor of Bloodlines’ territory have all gathered on Starlight Island. Of course, there are also powerhouses from the other territories, such as the Greenmen Duo from the Brahman Realm and some young experts from the Toolcasting family who are right behind Toolwielder. Oh right! Boss, I need to introduce you to someone: my fiancé, Little Xiang.”

Xu San’s expression grew even more lecherous when he mentioned this topic, which left Ling Que feeling quite annoyed. “Keep talking!”

“Oh, Little Xiang’s name is actually He Xiang, but-”

“Shut up! I’m asking if any of the Daosource Three Skies have appeared!” Ling Que interrupted.

Xu San glared at Ling Que. “Who the hell are you? Even my boss didn’t interrupt me, so how is it your turn?”

Ling Que arched a brow as his Que’s Mighty Slash appeared, revolving around him. “It seems like you want to test the power of my Que’s Mighty Slash.”

Xu San was shocked. “Que’s Mighty Slash? You’re Ling Que? Tch, you’re just a nobody. Don’t even talk to me until you get the title of King! My master is Venerable , and my fiancé is the heir of the Swifteyesclan.”

Ling Que grew furious. “What did you just say?”

Lu Yin helplessly interjected, “Alright, stop fighting.” He then looked at Xu San. “Have any of the Daosource Three Skies appeared?”

Xu San shook his head. “Not yet, but they’ll definitely come here.”

“Why?” Lu Yin asked.

Xu San proceeded to explain, “The war in the Innerverse has gone on for a few years, and although people keep saying that the Daosource Three Skies will join, the older powerhouses are still more powerful than the Daosource Three Skies. That’s why they haven’t joined the war yet, as their participation would have been meaningless. However, since the older powerhouses have left the Cosmic Sea to let the younger generation duke things out, the three of them will definitely show up since they’re the Sixth Mainland’s strongest young experts. In fact, they’ll probably get here pretty soon.”

“Who are the Daosource Three Skies?” Ling Que asked out of curiosity.

Lu Yin was curious as well since the Daosource Three Skies were like the Ten Arbiters—everyone had heard of them, but nobody knew exactly who they were.

To the Sixth Mainland’s younger generation, the Daosource Three Skies were truly the sky. They were the heirs of the Sixth Mainland’s Daosource Sect, and they were also the ones who were the most likely to become Progenitors of the mainland in the future: they were the sky, and they were the true heirs of the Progenitors.

Even Xu San grew serious when speaking of the Daosource Three Skies. “Actually, I don’t know much about them. Although everyone in the Sixth Mainland is curious about them, nobody really knows much about them since they don’t interact with outsiders. Even Little Xiang doesn’t know much about them.”

After pausing for a moment, Xu San continued, saying, “The heir of the Progenitor of Bloodlines is Zhi Yi, and although she’s known to have a secret technique, I don’t know anything specific about her. I’ve only heard people talk about it since someone once challenged her before, attempting to take her position within the Daosource Three Skies. That person was completely crazy, but he was still easily defeated.

“The heir of the Progenitor of Combat is Wu Taibai, and he has both an innate gift and a secret technique. I’ve also heard that he likes to roam around the Sixth Mainland in disguise. A lot of people have met him, but most never even realize that he’s one of the Daosource Three Skies. Apparently, he’s also very easygoing.

“The heir of the Progenitor of Secret Art is the most mysterious because there’s no information about him, and nobody has mentioned him before either. The Greenmen Duo don’t know anything about him either.”

Lu Yin paused. The heir of the Progenitor of Bloodlines—Zhi Yi, the heir of the Progenitor of Combat—Wu Tai Bai, and the heir of the Progenitor of Secret Arts; these were the three heirs of the three Progenitors.

Lu Yin was the most familiar with Wu Taibai. Just like Xu San had mentioned, that person liked to disguise himself as a normal cultivator and wander around. Lu Yin had even explored the ruins of the Daosource Sect with Wu Taibai, and that person was very good at acting. If he hadn’t bumped into Nightking Zhenwu, Lu Yin would have never realized that his companion was actually Wu Taibai.

Wu Taibai had forced Nightking Zhenwu to use the Progenitor Arrow’s battle technique, which was also an indication of how powerful Wu Taibai was.

The Daosource Three Skies were probably even more powerful than the Ten Arbiters.

“What other information do you have, aside from the Daosource Three Skies?” Ling Que asked.

Xu San became annoyed, and he glanced at Lu Yin and Starsibyl. Seeing that they both looked ready to hit him, Xu San continued. “Actually, there are a lot of experts from the Sixth Mainland, and even the heirs of the Imprinter clans are comparable to the top people on the Top 100 Rankings. As for the heirs of Cosmic or World Imprinters, those people are even more powerful. If not for the experts from the Neoverse, the Cosmic Sea would have been conquered long ago.

“Now that the war has reached this stage, both sides have come to a consensus about the magnetic poles. The thunder zone has a unique aspect in that there are positive and negative poles scattered throughout the zone. Positive poles attract lightning while the negative poles repel it. According to the rumors, during ancient times, there was an expert who split the poles into five pieces and then placed them in various parts of the thunder zone. This allowed the attractive and repulsive force of the poles to control the lightning and keep it in the sky. Otherwise, if the lightning falls down, even Enlighters will die.

“Cultivators from both the Sixth Mainland and the Innerverse are fighting over control of these poles so that they can draw the lighting into the opposing zones and destroy the other side. This is the simplest way to end the battle, but the price is that the thunder zone will descend into chaos once again. However, this is also what the Innerverse wants. As for the Sixth Mainland, they are confident in their ability to defeat the Innerverse, so they don’t care about the aftermath. Anyways, no matter what happens, once the poles start moving, the thunder zone will be constantly blasted by lightning, though it will take some time for the lightning to return to its previous power.”

Starsibyl coldly asked, “So are you saying that the Sixth Mainland is confident in taking control of all the poles and eliminating the cultivators of the Fifth Mainland?’

Xu San nodded. “The Fifth Mainland’s the same. Both sides want to destroy the other, but it’s actually not that easy. Some people have guessed that once the poles are moved, there will still be some time before the lightning strikes destroy the losing side. They are doing this more to determine who will control the thunder zone by who is able to seize control of more poles. Similar things will happen in the other areas of the Cosmic Sea, and they’ll each have their own way of determining the winning side.”

“When are they going to start fighting for these poles?” Lu Yin asked.

Xu San replied, “It should be sometime soon. I don’t know who coordinated the agreement with the Fifth Mainland, but they probably want to determine the winner of this war by fighting for the poles. One of the Daosource Three Skies will probably appear before the fighting starts.”

“This sounds interesting—fighting for poles?” Ling Que was excited.

Xu San rolled his eyes. “With your ability, you won’t even be able to get near any of the poles. Stop dreaming. At best, you’ll just be cannon fodder.”

“What did you say? You’re not even cannon fodder!” Ling Que roared.

Xu San arrogantly raised his head. “I don’t need to fight since there will be people protecting me.”

Ling Que gritted his teeth in anger.

Starsibyl kept staring at Xu San and then suddenly asked, “Where are you headed?”

Xu San’s eyes flashed. “I was headed out to take a stroll since I’m bored.”

“Really? I can foresee that there will be danger during your trip, but we can protect you,” Starsibyl said.

Lu Yin arched a brow and then glared at Xu San. “Where are you going?”

Xu San put on a pitiful expression and looked over at Lu Yin. “Boss, I’ve already told you everything, so please let me go! I have never harmed anyone from the Innerverse.”

Lu Yin sighed and looked at Xu San in a serious manner. “No matter what, you’re still from Earth, and we come from the same planet. Thus, you should try to help us.”

Xu San hesitated.

Ling Que bent a finger as his blade rotated around the fingertip. “Don’t even bother trying to talk to him. He looks like a spy, so we should just cut off his arms.”

Xu San glared at Ling Que. “You look like a spy! Your whole family are spies!”

“Do you want to die?” Ling Que bellowed.

Lu Yin casually shoved Ling Que away and turned to look back at Xu San. “Help me this one time, and we can pretend to not know each other in the future: you’ll live your life, and I’ll live mine. If we meet on the battlefield, then I’ll try not to hurt you. How does that sound?”

Xu San answered helplessly, “Do I have a choice?”

He then bitterly said, “I finally found someone to support me, so I hope that I don’t die.”

Lu Yin patted Xu San on the shoulder. “The Sixth Mainland might not win, as the Fifth Mainland isn’t as simple as you believe it to be. By helping us, you’re also making a backup plan for yourself, as you might be able to return in the future.”

Xu San nodded. “Actually, I was already invited by Shang Rong to join the pre-war meeting.”

All three people were interested in this: Shang Rong was a Realmling.

“A pre-war meeting?” Ling Que asked.

Xu San explained, “Boss, I’ll be honest. Both sides have agreed to decide the winner of this area by fighting for the poles, so this pre-war meeting is to determine the roles for how we’ll be fighting for the poles. The most important thing is that one of the Daosource Three Skies, Zhi Yi, might show up for the meeting.”